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Annual Report


We are a fund-raising group under the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and we raise funds to support charities so that they can do what they are best at - caring for and serving the less advantaged.



Annual Report FY2015                          Annual Report FY2014                            Annual Report FY2013                         

More Annual Reports

Impact Report


At Community Chest, we aim to live our core values of trust, compassion and impact in all that we do. The impact report illustrates the impact that your contributions have had on the community and on our beneficiaries.


 Impact Report FY2015                          Impact Report FY2014      



Is success only about winning? Why did star basketball team captain pass up his chances of winning the competition? Eatch "Rise" here to find out. 
The family in front is struggling to pay for their purchases. What will you do if you are the man in the queue? Watch the video.
Our short film - Gift, produced by The Creative Room, has gone viral and even moved the editor of Huffington Post to tears. Watch the film here.


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