Giving Time Together

Rally your staff or colleagues to volunteer in different ways to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need!

Email for more details and to indicate your interest.

Volunteerism Guide

Do you have a group of volunteers who are enthusiastic to do good? Find out how to motivate them, sustain their passion and maximise their impact! A useful toolkit for social service organisations and corporates on volunteer management.


Event-based Volunteering

Volunteer together at Community Chest events to create an enjoyable experience for our beneficiaries!

Community Chest Charity in the Park

20 January 2018, Universal Studios Singapore

This event promotes and celebrates inclusivity in a world-class family fun destination. It provides tips and opportunities for guests to interact with people with different abilities as they enjoy the rides and facilities together. Accompany our beneficiaries at the theme park! More details coming soon.

Community Chest Fú Dài

2-3 February 2018

An annual event to promote volunteerism during the Lunar New Year to spread festive joy to the disadvantaged by delivering festive items and necessities. Join us to pack and distribute these bags to those in need! More details coming soon.

Community Chest Heartstrings Walk


Organised in partnership with Marina Bay Sands, this is an annual community event that brings people from all walks of life together through a 4km Fun Walk along the Waterfront Trail at Marina Bay, a Vertical Marathon up 57 storeys of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and a fun-filled carnival at the Event Plaza. Take part in the walk with our beneficiaries! More details coming soon.

Big Heroes Singapore


Need help to connect your staff volunteers to social service organisations? Big Heroes conceptualises and organises teambuilding programmes with a social cause or corporate responsibility for corporates and educational institutions. Read more.

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Skills-based Volunteering

Skills-based volunteerism (SBV) is an enhanced approach to corporate giving, where professionals use their talents, experiences and resources to strengthen the capabilities of social service organisations. While social service organisation staff are primarily equipped with skills to tackle social issues, they may not have access to resources or expertise to manage corporate functions such as communications, website design and fundraising. Yet, these functions are instrumental in helping them operate more efficiently and effectively. With professionals playing a more active role in the social service ecosystem, we can build a more vibrant sector together.

National Council of Social Service’s Skills-based Volunteerism Projects

In 2015, National Council of Social Service embarked on 2 SBV projects to help social service organisations improve their capabilities in areas of marketing, corporate communications and donor development. The projects were well received by both social service organisations and corporates. The volunteers appreciated the opportunity to use their skills to create meaningful impact for the social service organisations; while the social service organisations gained valuable practical skills and know-how to develop their organisations and enhance their impact. Both the social service organisations and corporates recognised that the involvement of the intermediary was instrumental to the success of the projects. The intermediaries helped to scope and manage the projects. They also ensured that the most suitable volunteers were being matched to each social service organisation.

Rainbow Centre Singapore (RC) and Credit Suisse

Prior to Credit Suisse’s involvement, RC was looking at engaging their artists and students to raise funds at a one-day live auction by expressing their interpretation of children disabilities onto a piece of classic European furniture - the Louis armchair.

With the involvement and encouragement from Credit Suisse, RC expanded the scope of the entire campaign. RC’s staff received coaching on how they can pitch their ideas better to prospective donors. Credit Suisse also helped to expand RC’s list of artists and celebrities to contribute the art pieces. In addition, to help raise awareness and build momentum towards the live auction event, Credit Suisse suggested that RC holds a public showcase to give a preview of the auction items. Credit Suisse also provided suggestions on the venue to create greater impact. RC is raring to launch this campaign in November 2016.

Service-based Volunteering

Provide manpower to a social service organisation to complement the practitioners. Some examples include befriending and mentoring at Family Service Centres and for programmes for youths-at-risk, and caregiver support. Email for more details.

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