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Mr Lim Joo Phiau

Lim Joo Phiau (above right) is a person with disability receiving support services from SPD who wishes to enjoy activities like other adults.


It’s a simple wish for our loved ones to be healthy and happy, but for them, it’s a daily challenge.

Give persons with disabilities, like Joo Phiau, hope for a brighter future.
Share their joy when they are supported to achieve independence.

A road traffic accident in January 2003 left 24 year old Mr Lim Joo Phiau with traumatic brain injuries. Hand gestures and facial expressions are the only mode of expression for Joo Phiau who has been unable to speak since then. Joo Phiau cannot walk, bathe or go to the toilet on his own and can only control his left hand to show a thumbs-up as affirmation. He cannot speak but can communicate through a mobile device, where he types in messages. He relies heavily on Mr Kua, his stepfather, for his daily needs such as bathing and feeding. Joo Phiau uses a motorised wheelchair to move around, but not when his stepfather is not by his side. As Joo Phiau’s main caregiver, Mr Kua had to quit his full-time job in the construction industry to look after Mr Lim. With no means of income, Mr Kua sought help from SPD in 2016 when their savings was used up.

SPD provides case management services which help to apply for external sources of financial assistance, provides counselling, charts out long-term care plans as well as offer befriending services for Mr Kua to alleviate his caregiver stress. Mr Kua and Joo Phiau will continue to require sustained support and assistance to help them overcome hardships.

As age is catching up, Mr Kua is not as fit as before with arthritis in his left knee. He also walks with a limp and cannot stand for extended periods of time due to a previous spine operation. Despite the physical strain, Mr Kua continues to care for Mr Lim to his best. Their story touched many hearts and he received the Singapore Health Inspirational Patient & Caregiver Award in 2014.

“I’m very grateful to SPD for helping me and my son. I just hope for a miracle in which my son can walk again and be independent. I can then go out and find a job to support us.” – Mr Kua.

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and in this case, it strengthens the bond between Mr Lim and Mr Kua. Help build the resilience of persons with disabilities, like Joo Phiau, by facilitating their access to resources and a support network that will aid their journey towards independence. Give them hope and share their joy for a better tomorrow.

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