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Mr Chua Joo Ee

Chua Joo Ee (above left) is a participant of Alzheimer’s Disease Association Caregiver Support Group and wants to take good care of his mother, Mdm Toh Wee.


It has not been an easy journey for Joo Ee. It has been a journey of true love.

Give caregivers hope for a bright future.
Share their joy when they are able to care for their loved ones.

Joo Ee’s outgoing lifestyle came to a standstill when he had to care for his mother, a dementia patient, full-time. He witnessed how his mother gradually lost her memory. Soon, she could not walk, and needed his help to change, bathe and feed her. Joo Ee also cares for his father who has kidney failure. He lives with his parents and his eldest sister who struggles to make ends meet with her sole income.

With no knowledge of caregiving, he was under immense emotional stress and he struggled. As an outgoing person who loves fishing and outdoor activities, he struggled with his situation at first, and was constantly frustrated and resentful. Until he joined Alzheimer‘s Disease Association’s Specialised Caregiver Support Service (Dementia), a programme supported by Community Chest. He learnt new ways to provide better care for his mother. He found support in friends who face the same challenges as him. Now, he looks forward to each day with his parents, as their time spent together is limited and precious.

Joo Ee’s sharing of his experience through public forum during World Alzheimer’s Month struck a chord with many who faced similar challenges. Since 2015 at 42 years old, he has become a facilitator in the caregiver support group. He has a positive outlook towards caregiving, constantly learning more about the condition and methods to improve caregiving through workshops and from fellow caregivers. He also encourages other caregivers to see the rewards of caregiving. Joo Ee is even considering a future for himself in home care, where he can lend his experience to help others who are in need.

Caregivers need care too. Help to build their resilience to care for the ones they love by facilitating their access to support networks and resources. Give them hope for a future filled with warmth, share the joy of being around those we love. Your contributions will help provide support for caregivers to be an effective and loving caregiver like Joo Ee.

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